Local Paralegal speaks at Law Society

Kelly Draycott, a local Paralegal, licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, was invited by the Law Society, to speak to Osgoode Hall in Toronto on October 30, 2017 as a panel member on the topic of "Proper drafting and construction of persuasive legal pleadings." Mr. Draycott was honored to be a panel member and instructor to this seminar. Others on the panel included: two paralegals, a Vice Chair of the Landlord and Tenant Board, a Superior Court Judge and a Deputy Judge of the Small Claim Court. The paralegal audience numbered over 1000 in person and via video webcasting across Canada.

Parry Sound North Star Readers Choice Award, seven consecutive wins!

Thank you readers for once again selecting me, The Reader's Choice Award as Favourite Paralegal. Having been a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2009, I have concentrated in the areas of Small Claims (Claims up to $25,000) and Landlord Tenant Board. Within the Small Claims Court, my main focus has been bad debts collection and resolution.   In this past year I was honoured to speak at the Law Society about how I draft my pleadings and conduct trials. With the focus of achieving the best possible result for my client, I take great pride in that I understand both sides of any case. This allows me to achieve the best possible resolution the client with the least amount of costs. Even with a well established client base, I welcome new clients and inquiries.  

 Kelly Draycott receiving his Award from Deputy Judge J. Wiley

 Kelly Draycott, voted Parry Sound's Favourite Paralegal 2017

Best Paralegal Parry Sound North Star

 Kelly Draycott Receiving His Award From Retired Parry Sound Fire Chief & Proud Father In Law Laurence Green


 Kelly Draycott receiving his award from Town of Parry Sound Councillor Paul Borneman

Kelly Draycott receiving his award from Fire Prevention Officer John Tuck

Kelly Draycott Voted Best Paralegal 2013

Kelly Draycott receiving his award from Deputy Judge Frank Vere

Kelly Draycott Voted Best Paralegal 2012

Kelly Draycott receiving his award from Deputy Judge Donald Wood