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Our years of experience providing legal assistance to clients throughout Parry Sound, Muskoka and Surrounding area, Kelly Draycott, Paralegal services offers the effectiveness that only experience can provide.


We are so grateful that Kelly Draycott was able to facilitate this eviction in such a proficient and capable manner. He guided us through the difficult LTB tribunal hearing process, and helped us to successfully mediate a satisfactory conclusion to our case. Now we can finally realize our retirement plans. Many thanks, Kelly. We can highly recommend you.

Deb Loughead | Toronto, Ontario


I hired Kelly to represent me as a landlord at Ontario LTB hearing and he was worth every penny! Kelly was defending me and we won the case! Kelly was quick to review my case and represent me at the hearing on short notice. His sound legal advice, knowledge, no-nonsense common-sense attitude, and confidence was exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend Kelly’s legal services to any landlord looking for legal assistance in LTB hearings.

Morgan MacDonald | Bracebridge, Ontario


Kelly Draycott helped me with a problematic tenant recently. He came highly recommended from another paralegal who was not able take on more work.

This tenant made a number of false claims, and had stopped paying rent. Kelly was able to analyze the situation and prove the claims were false as well as managing a timely eviction (given the covid-19 situation that is quite an accomplishment). Kelly was direct and forthright I every step and provided reassurance every step of the way. He asked us to leave the situation in his hands and not to worry. His knowledge of law is without question, his dedication to his client outstanding. His remuneration was reasonable and gives very good value. The piece of mind one gets knowing Kelly has the case in hand is invaluable. I could not ask for a better help. I would encourage any landlord facing a situation they are unsure of to contact Kelly.

Eric van Kalmthout


Kelly Draycott, recently represented my husband in a small claims matter; where the trial proceedings alone took a year before completion. Due to the numerous court appearances and motions we attended, we had the opportunity to observe Mr. Draycott in his element, as he represented a vast group of clients.

Most people today could attest to the fact that the personal service industry has deteriorated to a point where customers no longer even expect a decent degree of personal service and no I’m not talking about the sea of minimum wage workers in fast food or warehouse sales or even the fact that we are now expected to perform cashier duties. I am however; talking about the high $$$ services provided by the white collar professionals. In our case alone we witnessed 3 opposing paralegals in action and I found their level of professionalism disheartening. To see how many members of these professions have either lost or never acquired the skills needed to provide the best possible service was frightening; although this lack of skills doesn’t appear to be represented on their billing fees whatsoever.

Every once in a while however, a professional comes along that becomes famous for being outstanding in their field: Mother Teresa was an outstanding nun, Gandhi was an outstanding lawyer and Charles Richard Drew was an outstanding physician. What made these people great was their dedication to both their fellow man and their professions. While of course not comparing them in regards to their lifelong contributions; I am comfortable stating without a doubt that Mr. Kelly Draycott not only aspires to, but succeeds at, providing the same qualities that made these people great to his practice and in regards to his clients.

Kelly not only possess the ability to empathize, listen and focus on the important issues his clients are expressing; but he also displays a high intelligence accompanied with a willingness and true desire to do what is required for the benefit of his clients. Kelly not only provides excellent representation for his clients who have been wronged, but he also shows the same dedication when presenting the best case scenarios for clients who have made mistakes.

Both my husband and I could not have been treated with more consideration or respect nor could we have felt more vindicated than we did with the outcome of our case and both these feelings were completely due to Kelly’s expertise, knowledge and professionalism.

Would I use Kelly in the future, absolutely, once you have had the best it’s difficult to settle for less. Would I recommend Kelly? That should be obvious in the words of this testimonial. In fact I will not be surprised to find that as the Paralegal profession expands in nature, Kelly Draycott’s name to be associated with the cases in the books used as precedent so future paralegals can see how a truly great paralegal becomes outstanding in his profession.

Thomas and Donna Bolton


For the past several months, both my company and I personally have been subjected to enduring hardships brought on by lawsuits for the first time. As many of you who have experienced this sort of thing know, this can cause a great deal of turmoil, both emotionally and financially.

After comparing firms and upon the advice of others, we were directed to use a prominent law firm based out of Bracebridge. After the long and arduous process of engaging in a Settlement Conference followed by setting trial dates, this law firm unexpectedly and without just cause dropped our case. This was after being billed for thousands of dollars.

Being placed in a predicament of having only 48 hours to respond to this very time sensitive dilemma, I was understandably relieved when Kelly Draycott, Paralegal, agreed to take over the cases. Admittedly, I had some initial misgivings as these lawsuits were in an area of the law that Mr. Draycott was not very familiar with. As time passed however, he continuously impressed me!

From the moment Mr. Draycott took on my cause, he went above and beyond with his due diligence and learned everything he could in just a short time about cases related to the Youth Justice System. His dedication not only won us our first case in trial, but the judge awarded costs towards our expenses. In the second case, Mr. Draycott avoided a second trial altogether and again, money was awarded in our favour to help cover expenses.

It is with the utmost sincerity that we strongly recommend Mr. Draycott as he is 100% professional, dedicated and overall amazing at what he does.

Tom O’Brien, Director| Eastern Residential Services


We built a new cottage in Magnetawan and used a local contractor to lay the footings and foundation. However, from day one, one corner of the basement was perpetually wet. After battling with the contractor for over five years, while following his recommendations to correct the problem – to no avail – we came to the conclusion that the issue was related to poor drainage. We paid another contractor to dig up the foundation and found that the weeping tiles had not only been laid incorrectly but were severed leaving large pools of water at the base. That was the source of our wet basement. The new contractor corrected the problem by laying new weeping tiles, and our basement is now dry. Our original contractor refused to take any responsibility for his work or the costs we incurred to excavate and reinstall proper drainage.

We decided to take the contractor to Small Claims Court. Without knowing how to proceed, we thought we could get educated and then represent ourselves. We were unprepared for the tedious process so, through a Google search, we found Kelly Draycott. We consulted with him to see if we had a case. We were concerned that due to the Limitation Act, which nullifies liability after two years, we could not go to court. Kelly carefully listened to our story and assured us that the Limitation Act would not apply to us in our situation. He also shared his wealth of experience in this arena and assured us we had a strong case. We hired him immediately and felt confident he was the man to advocate for us. We weren’t wrong. Kelly was smart and tough. He knew the law, was well prepared, and presented an excellent claim. We won our case thanks to Kelly! Hopefully we will never have to go through such a process again, but if we do, we would definitely use his services. Thanks, Kelly!

Terry and David Carson| Toronto, Ontario


I am relatively ‘new’ to being a landlord. I have 3 combination commercial-residential buildings two in Bracebridge, and one in Gravenhurst, ON that I own. Major problems started occurring towards the end of 2015. One residential tenant was causing major problems and right from the onset Kelly calmed me down and had me fully relaxed.

He basically told me to leave it all in his hands and I immediately had full confidence in Kelly. He is fully knowledgeable about EVERY aspect of the Landlord Tenant laws. He will handle whatever situation arises in the proper professional manner and relieve you of all your headaches and aggravation. In fact I would call Kelly Draycott the “Eddie Greenspan” of paralegals when it involves anything to do with residential tenancies.

Before calling Kelly I talked with other people in the same field and they were all ‘wishy-washy’ and ‘not sure’ what to do whereas Kelly had a clear path cut out from the onset and he was so confident from the beginning that I felt really good that I was so fortunate to have met someone like that.

I don’t write such complimentary testimonials unless I truly and sincerely mean it. Kelly is the man and he leads all the others by miles. In fact, at one of the Landlord Tenant Board hearings he quoted past cases that happened years ago in relation to my dilemma and that was beyond impressive. Kelly Draycott is a true achiever and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any Landlord. He is absolutely number one in my books. Simply put, there is no one that even comes close to him.

He’s always on time, he’s punctual, and he does absolutely everything he promises to do. He’s addictive……once you use him you’ll want him for life. In fact I often think that if he were a lawyer I would use his expert services for everything. Every Landlord should be so lucky to receive the highly professional services that I received from Kelly Draycott. Kelly……..thank you.

Martin Sheffield | Resident of Toronto, Ontario


Our Paralegal, Kelly Draycott was first recommended through a local legal firm. Both my husband & I were impressed with his professional knowledge of the law, his sense of organization & excellent communication skills. He is a good listener, he sticks to the facts & he took the time needed to educate us while handling our case. In turn, this built our confidence & trust in him. We believe strongly that Kelly works for the “goodness of his fellow man” & comes highly recommended. Thanks for a job well done in winning our case Kelly!

The Knights | Residents of Huntsville, Ontario


As a landlord renting to tenants I have always tried to do my best to provide a great, clean and well maintained ‎home for our clients. For the most part we have been blessed to have such great tenants that are truly respectful and appreciative of there home and of the services we provide them. However, every once in a blue moon we are forced to deal with a person who feels they are above the law and that the rules don’t apply to them. It was in such a situation that I was fortunate to have someone forward me the name of Kelly Draycott.

The information and guidance Mr. Draycott has provided me to insure I had filled in the correct paper work, and made sure I had supporting documents is invaluable. Mr. Draycott’s patience and reassurance explaining the procedures and what to expect when presenting my case has made it easier for me to cope with a difficult situation.

Afterward, his guidance and continued support has been instrumental in my needed education as a landlord and has made it easier for me to make sure I am following the rules as well as learning ways to help protect myself as documentation of events ‎is the key, along with a great knowledgeable professional like Mr. Draycott to help me along the way. I thank you for your continued support, I highly recommend Mr. Draycott , to my closest friends and colleagues.

Michelle ‎Aho | Dwight, ON


This summer I had the paradoxical pleasure of working with Kelly Draycott. For the first time in my life I was being taken to Small Claims Court by a contractor that had unfinished work on our property. I started into the voluminous information supplied by the Ministry of the Attorney General relating to Small Claims Court thinking I could do this myself. Nine guides later with references to the Courts of Justice Act. and lists of forms to be used and when they were to be used, I knew I needed help. I also knew I was not in the wrong and could explain that easily. Kelly Draycott provides all Court administrative requirements with ease and advised me of actions in my favour that I would never have known of or considered. In the end Kelly Draycott brought this action to quick and fair conclusion. I hope this is my one time brush with Small Claims Court but if not, I’ll call Kelly Draycott right away. Great value for the fee and I know I saved money and a lot of time by meeting with Kelly Draycott.

Doug Read | Magnetawan, ON


Someone should make a TV series about an honest, hardworking, hockey player who just happens to make his living as a super successful paralegal defending the rights of those who have been done wrong. Kelly Draycott is larger than life. He is kind and compassionate, but also tenacious and tough-as-nails if necessary. He is a man who has found his calling and he pursues it with passion and integrity. Kelly believes that the attributes of goodness, truth and fairness overcome the worst in people, and he works tirelessly to ensure that he obtains the best possible outcomes for his clients. Justice is the primary principle that guides him.

This is a fellow who listens to a problem, synthesizes the information and acts decisively to achieve positive results.He gathers the facts, researches the pertinent laws and gives realistic advice about the possible outcomes of a hearing. He prepares compelling testimony, thinks quickly on his feet and is able to turn a case 180 degrees to head in a more favorable direction if needed. Dignity, honesty, empathy and reliability are words that best describe him. Confident, experienced and extremely capable, Kelly Draycott is unequivocally the man you want on your side.You may try, but I honestly believe you’ll not find better representation anywhere.

Susan Minogue | Orange, VA


If you want a win under your belt, Kelly Draycott is your man!. I have had the great pleasure of working with Mr. Draycott not only as a Landlord, but as a tenant as well. I first met Kelly when I was settling my mother’s estate and knew nothing about being a landlord. Not only was he helpful in educating me about the Residential Tenancies Act, he went above and beyond the call of duty and was always available to speak to me when I needed assistance.

My first experience going to the Tribunal with a Lawyer cost me almost $5000 in legal fees and I did not get the results that I wanted. I went seeking someone with expertise on the Residential Tenancies Act and Mr. Draycott came highly recommended. With Kelly on my side, I was successful with the next six hearings. He had more knowledge and understanding of the Act then my lawyer did and he took the time to help me understand the law and how the system worked to ensure success each and every time.

Two years later when I discovered that my current landlord was acting in bad faith, I knew exactly who to call – Kelly Draycott! Although my landlord was acting unethically, it was still a challenging set of circumstances. Kelly spent a great deal of time and effort researching case law to back me up and to my surprise was willing to travel all the way down to Toronto to assist me. With yet another favorable outcome, I wouldn’t consider anyone else when dealing with the Landlord Tenant Board.

Kelly Draycott is a man of great character. He is honest, genuine and more then generous with his time. Fairness, equity and justice are his abiding principles. He is extremely ethical and will not mislead you – he always acts in the best interest of the client and strives to find the best possible outcomes. Kelly is an expert in his field and one of the most compassionate professionals that I have met.

Cheryl Keates | Professional Certified Coach